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Pre-treat against termites from the beginning

Protect against termites during the planning and construction phase of a structure.  Time is money in the construction business and we want to make sure that your structure stays on track. In order to perform the different stages of treatment several trips are usually necessary.


Post-construction termite treatment is the solution, to protecting your most valuable asset. You can schedule an appointment and we will visit the site at your convenience.

Economical and environmental

Jones Exterminating can help you treat termites and offers a pre-treatment that is both economical and enviromentally friendly. Keep termites away as long as you can by planning ahead and starting at the beginning.

Schedule an on-site visit today. Our fully licensed specialists are helpful and reliable.

Pre-treat services we offer

- Termite pre-construction treatments

- Termite post-construction treatments

- Termite inspection reports

- Certified technicians

Protection and prevention

You don't think about pest or termite control when building a new structure. That's where you should start protecting and preventing termites from getting inside your structure.

We provide 24-hour emergency service plus FREE estimates.